The world of fine jewellery is made of real precious materials , all INDYGO JEWELS pieces are easy to wear everyday and pretty to mix and match.

The Essence of the Brand

The Essence of the Brand has remained the same: INDYGO JEWELS offers a miriad of colours that associates white, yellow and rose gold with precious gemstones of every variety.

INDYGO JEWELS's creations are made with diamonds ,but also with all kind of gemstones such as topaz or amethyst, as well as tiger eye ,cornelian or turquoise and lapis...

Know How

INDYGO JEWELS's creations are pieces made with the expert eye of a jeweller. Made in gold , INDYGO JEWELS's jewellery combines style and price. Both precious and accessible, they are born out of a choice of coloured gemstones or inspired by travels to Bahia or to Mandalay...